Sam Cintron, Pastor of Worship Arts

Sam Cintron is an accomplished fine artist and musician. As a child Sam traveled with his family as missionaries throughout the United States and Central America writing and performing songs with his siblings in what became a well-known Christian band called “The Cintrons.” Since then, many of his songs have been performed by well kwon Christian artists around the world. He and his family finally settled in Jersey City where he opened and operated a fine arts gallery with his wife Liz originally known as The Palette, and then as The Sam Cintron Gallery. The gallery became a hub for distinguished fine artists and ultimately represented world-renowned artists. Sam’s elite fine art clientele grew to include television and movie celebrities, politicians, and entrepreneurs. In 2000 Sam abandoned the “art business” and entered full time ministry at Hope Center Tabernacle alongside his senior pastors Mario and Leigh Gonzalez. In that same year Sam helped to found Hope Center Arts, a non-profit arts based ministry that is impacting the people around the world. As Worship Arts Pastor, Sam leads a ministry team of over 70 musicians, dancers, actors and artists that produce theatrical concerts, concerts, fine art exhibitions, and assorted other productions. Sam is the Art Director and set designer for all productions put on by Hope Center Tabernacle and Hope Center Arts. Sam ministers with his wife Liz by his side. They live in Little Ferry, New Jersey, and are the proud parents of three incredibly talented kids, Sam, Jacque, and Faith, all of whom minster alongside their parents at the Hope Center.


Donald St.Hillaire, Pastor of Evangelism

Donald has worked alongside senior pastors Mario and Leigh Gonzalez since Mario was chaplain at Terence Cardinal Cooke hospital on 5th Avenue in NYC in 1992. At the time they primarily ministered to terminally ill AIDS patients, many of whom self-identified as part of the gay community. He and his wife Pamela were the very first members of Hope Center Tabernacle. Donald heart for evangelism was evident from the very beginning as he and Pastor Mario went door to door in the projects of Harlem, New York volunteering to pray for people and inviting them to the church that they planted in East Harlem. His commitment to Christ and evangelism continues as he heads up the effort that has produced such extraordinary results at the Hope Center. The congregation has grown from about 30 adherents in 1996 to over 700 today. Donald ministers with his wife Pamela and their two children, Aveaner and Shekinah, both of which are active in the worship and dance ministries at the Hope Center. They live in Jersey City.


Carlos and Ines Cintron, Pastors – Spanish Department

Carlos and Ines are pastors of the Spanish Department at Hope Center Tabernacle – “Hope Center Tabernacle – En Español.” Carlos Cintron comes from a family of musicians who as children came to form the group Los Hermanos Cintron.  The Family traveled throughout Central America and later the United States as missionaries, producing albums under the VIDA record label, many of which contained songs that became hits in the Christian Latino music market worldwide. Carlos eventually embarked on a successful solo career producing his first solo project Proximo Nivel which was released in 2001. Subsequently he released another album called Otra Vez in 2007.  Carlos has produced many songs and collaborated in records that have sold over a hundred thousand copies. Ines is a CPA and holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration. She has served as the Finance Director for Hope Center Tabernacle since arriving from Puerto Rico in 2008. Carlos and Ines were called to full-time pastoral ministry at Hope Center Tabernacle in 2010 and have been serving alongside their senior Pastors Mario and Leigh Gonzalez in this capacity ever since, preaching, teaching and ministering to the Latino community within the Hope Center. Because of his exceptional musical ability, Carlos additionally serves as Music Director for the Hope Center as a whole, leading a group of amazing musicians and continually training new young musicians in their craft. Carlos and Ines live in downtown Jersey City, and have two handsome and extremely talented young boys, Carlos Isaac and Lucas Andres.


Carlos Lopez, Pastor – Assistant to Lead Pastor & Events Coordinator

Carlos personally assists Pastor Mario, handling ministerial logistics for the many regularly scheduled and special church events. Carlos additionally works with his wonderful wife Gloria (“Bibi”) who is an Elder and the Treasurer of Hope Center Tabernacle, coordinating all single and married couples programs at Hope Center Tabernacle. They have worked alongside their senior pastors building up Hope Center Tabernacle from its early stages. Carlos and Gloria established and led the youth group at the Hope Center Tabernacle which came to be known as INOHouse, raising a generation of amazing young adults who are now sold out for Christ and are leading critical aspects of general ministry at the Hope Center. Carlos and Gloria live in Ridgefield Park, NJ, along with their son, Nathan.


Sam Lopez, Youth Pastor

Sam works alongside his wife Charlie in heading up Hope Center Tabernacle’s Youth Ministry, INOHouse. Sam and Charlie oversee various small groups for teens and pre-teens and are in charge of coordinating Veritas, our collegiate student initiative at the Hope Center. Sam has a passion for youth and it shows. We have seen amazing growth in the youth at the Hope Center since he joined our team, both in terms of our numbers and in the personal spiritual development of the kids themselves. In addition to his responsibilities at the Hope Center, Sam is also the Sectional Youth representative for the Northeast Section of the Assemblies of God, helping to coordinate youth activities for over 40 churches represented within our section. Sam and Charlie live in Jersey City and are the proud parents of a wonderful little girl, Olivia.


Lisa and Andy Travis, Children’s Pastors

Lisa and Andy lead Hope Center Tabernacle’s children’s ministry known as INOKids. Lisa and Andy were called to ministry at the Hope Center and developed our children’s ministry from scratch. All material used for the ministry is written in-house, and the puppets and characters used are all original. Lisa left her lucrative executive position in the Pharmaceutical industry to dedicate herself to ministry at the Hope Center. Andy not only pastors our Children Church alongside his wife, but he continues to work as a tax attorney. The ministry also heads up an amazing vacation bible school program that typically ministers to over 350 children every summer. The children’s program at Hope Center Tabernacle is exemplary in no small part due to the amazing creative gifts and dedication of Andy and Lisa Travis. They both live in Jersey City Heights, along with their seven wonderfully bright and talented children, Andrew, Mark, Taylor, Skyla, Sophia, Nathan, and Derrick. They are presently being featured in Jersey City ads encouraging families to make Jersey City their home.