Promoting Change | Inside and out.


Our mission is to both introduce all whom we can to Jesus Christ and to mentor them so that they can have a fulfilling, life changing, and societally impacting relationship with Jesus Christ, without whom we have no hope as a society, or as individuals.

In a recent interview on TBN, when asked to address ecclesiastical complacency and the church’s slow and steady slide toward political correctness at the expense of the Gospel, Pastor Leigh stated that, “The Gospel provokes.”

As far back as the first century we see jealous religious rioters storming a citizen’s private home, dragging him into the street and then proceeding to accuse him and his partners in crime, the Apostle Paul and Silas, of “Turning the city upside down!” The Gospel, when properly presented, will either provoke its hearers to anger or to change.

Hope Center Tabernacle is committed to positive change. We have dedicated our ministry and all our resources toward turning our city upside down and positively impacting it for Christ, something we have been doing for almost two decades. We believe it is the job of the Church to challenge society and promote positive and Godly revolutionary change in our neighborhoods, our schools and our government.